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The Illinois Dental Hygienists Association now has a Hy-PAC Committee, Bylaws and a Board of Directors.

What is ILHy-PAC?

The name of this Committee is the Illinois Dental Hygienists’ Political Action Committee or ILHy-PAC. It is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated committee of individual dental hygienists and others and is not affiliated with any political party. The committee is an independent, autonomous organization and is not a branch or subsidiary of any national, state, or  other  political committee.

The purposes of the committee are:

  1.  To promote and strive for the improvement of the government by encouraging and stimulating dental hygienists and others to take a more active and effective role in governmental affairs.
  2. To encourage dental hygienists and others to understand the nature and actions of their government as to important political issues and as to the records of office holders and candidates for elective office.
  3. To assist dental hygienists and others in organizing themselves for effective political action and in carrying out their civic responsibilities.
  4. To support those candidates whose political principles promote IDHA’s purposes, policies, and goals.

 ILHy-PAC Committee Members:

Carole Danielson
   Carole Danielson has been a member of her professional association since graduating 41 years ago. She continues to practice clinical dental hygiene part time. And has been an adjunct instructor with Chicago City Colleges (Kennedy King and Malcom X) for the last 16 years. Carole has held a variety of volunteer positions with the IDHA, her local components and ADHA, including District VIII Trustee.  She is passionate about advocating for the advancement of the dental hygiene profession. And feels that being active with ILHy-PAC is an important avenue for change.  In her personal life she enjoys traveling, reading and motorcycle riding (as a passenger) with her husband.
Becky Bunge
   Growing up in a household where my mother was a hygienist, my uncle an oral surgeon and my other uncle a dentist, I didn’t know anything different. I thought everyone’s mother cleaned teeth on Saturdays! It was only natural that dental hygiene was my career choice. I graduated from SIU-C in 1982 and have never looked back. My passion for helping the community, working in private practice, working with my association, IDHA, and many other avenues I have tapped into, has brought satisfaction to me. When I was President of IDHA, one of my goals was to start up IDHA’s HYPAC. The PAC has been successful in our 3 years now and we continue to grow. I try to talk to other hygienists to let them know the importance of a PAC and how it helps forward our legislation in Illinois. Through fundraisers we are able to keep the PAC active. I enjoy speaking with Legislators and helping them to understand the importance of oral health care among the low income and unfortunate of Illinois. We are winning over legislators for IDHA, one vote at a time. Keep donating!!!
Sue Afeltra
I received an AS degree from Northeastern University, Boston and a certificate in dental hygiene from Forsyth.  I hold a BS degree in dental hygiene from Columbia University, New York. Most of my professional volunteer work was in Connecticut where I resided before moving to Illinois in 1997. While in Connecticut, I served as component secretary, president, and trustee before moving on to serve as state association secretary, membership council chair, delegate, and alternate delegate to ADHA. I taught first year clinic at Fones School of Dental Hygiene and University of New Haven (UNH) and was also a radiology lab instructor at UNH. I currently work part-time in two general dental practices and volunteer at a community clinic.  It is an honor to serve as an ILHy-PAC director, and I do so because I believe the future of the dental hygiene profession should be directed by dental hygienists.  We are responsible for advocating for our future and for assuring our position to meet the preventive oral health needs of all Illinois residents.
Lydia Park
   I decided to go into dentistry after a good friend suggested I would be make a great hygienist.  I received my AAS in Dental Hygiene from Harper College and discovered I really did have a passion for dental hygiene.  I decided I wanted to become more involved but was unsure how to proceed.  I discovered how when I met Becky Bunge while volunteering for the Oral Cancer Foundation.  I became a Hy-PAC director and found more opportunities within her IDHA component-I am currently the alternate trustee for the Lake County/McHenry County component. I also volunteer for the IL Oral Cancer Walk and try to give back to the community whenever I can.  I am currently working in private practice in Gurnee, IL.  I firmly believe our future is in our hands so we need to advocate for ourselves and help others understand our role in helping patients maintain good overall health and not just dental health.
Laura Scully
   Laura M Scully started in dentistry as a Dental Assistant student at Triton College.  After a few years as an assistant, she returned to school and graduated from Northwestern University Dental School in 1991 with her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.  She received an award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and was elected to membership in Sigma Phi Alpha the Dental Hygiene Honor Society.  Throughout her career she remained a member of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.  In 2013, she became a Part Time Adjunct Faculty member in the Dental Hygiene program through the City Colleges of Chicago while continuing to work in Skokie Illinois, as a private practice clinician.  She achieved her Master of Science in Training and Development from the University of St. Francis in 2016.  Her dedication to her patients and students is evident in her enthusiasm for dental health.  She enjoys spending time with her husband and triplet boys in their home on the far northwest side of Chicago.
Lisa Schmidt
IDHA President
   Lisa has earned a BA in Business from Barat College, Lake Forest, IL and an AAS in Dental Hygiene from Harper College. She has been a practicing clinician for 16 years and an ADHA member since graduation. As a dental professional, Lisa prides herself in keeping up with industry advancements by attending continuing education courses far in excess of state requirements. Currently, she is an educator on behalf of Water Pik, Inc. and a BLS instructor with The American Heart Association.
Terri Apostolou
Legislative Chair
Jan Starr


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