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The purposes of the committee are:

  1.  To promote and strive for the improvement of the government by encouraging and stimulating dental hygienists and others to take a more active and effective role in governmental affairs.
  2. To encourage dental hygienists and others to understand the nature and actions of their government as to important political issues and as to the records of office holders and candidates for elective office.
  3. To assist dental hygienists and others in organizing themselves for effective political action and in carrying out their civic responsibilities.
  4. To support those candidates whose political principles promote IDHA’s purposes, policies, and goals.

Join and be part of the decision makers!

Legislation and government regulations are affecting the scope and the future of the practice of dental hygiene. Important decisions are made concerning health care delivery and dental hygiene practice. We must be an active part of that decision-making process.

Voting isn’t enough, lobbying isn’t enough!!!

The synergy of hundreds of dental hygienists working together is what it takes for our collective voice to be heard when public officials are debating the future of dental hygiene.


Defend the investment you have made in the dental hygiene profession by
· Donating money
· Volunteering to work for quality candidates who promote the dental hygiene profession

Contact Information:

Contact us: ilhy.pac@gmail.com

Join our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ILHyPAC/

Find out who your legislators are!


Never has it been more important than it is today!!!!


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