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2024 IDHA Committees

We Love Passionate Dental Hygienists!

  The profession of Dental Hygiene is constantly changing.  If we want change, we need to be the change.

Our Committees are full of passionate hygienists and would love for you to join us!

Take a look at all of the committees, find your interest, and contact mail@idha.net if you are interested in volunteering. The rewards are priceless.

I'm Interested!


Access to Care / Public Health Committee

Committee Chair: Laura Scully

The purpose of this committee is to establish mechanisms and programs on a state wide network, through component volunteers, affiliations and coalitions, advocating for initial patient screenings, health promotion and education programs for the citizens of Illinois. The committee members are to encourage a component member(s) to establish local contact with each group, coalition, extended care facility, school or program where an initiative is begun; develop workshop and education programs to promote PHDH education and/or school staff and faculty; establish a volunteer program for hygienists to participate in patient‑screening, oral health promotion and education; attend coalition partner meetings representing IDHA and providing support. 

ADHA Delegation

Each state has elected delegates that attend ADHA Annual Session and represent the state on proposed policy changes. The ADHA House of Delegates sets the policy and direction for the profession of dental hygiene. Composed of elected delegates from each state in the US and the District of Columbia, the House discusses and votes on issues of national and oftentimes global significance. Delegates are elected on an annual basis and serve alternating 3 year terms and alternate delegates serve 1 year terms.  

Your Delegates to ADHA are: Alternate Delegates:
Coreen Dunton - Chair Amanda Woltner
 Laura Scully  Desiree Schierholz
Elvina McHenry

Kim Pankau

Audit Committee

Committee Chair: Rhonda Schalk

The purpose of the Audit Committee is to provide oversight of the financial reporting process, provide for compliance with internal controls and laws and regulations. The Audit Committee is responsible for the review and oversight of the IDHA financial accounts on an annual basis. 

Bylaws & Policy Committee

Committee Chair: Seeking Nominations

Ethics Committee

(Ad Hoc Committee)

The Ethics Committee shall investigate complaints, hear evidence and render decisions on alleged violations of the Principles of Ethics, Bylaws of the Illinois Dental Hygienists’ Association and components, misappropriations of money and other miscellaneous complaints. The Ethics Committee shall submit a written report to the BOT, which shall be discussed in Executive Session with appropriate actions taken. 

Finance Committee

Committee Chair:  IDHA President, Lori McNamara

These are elected positions and the Finance Committee works with the IDHA Treasurer and President to review the financial needs of IDHA, prepare and submit a balanced budget, participate in IDHA strategic planning, and meet once a month via go-to-meetings to review IDHA bank statements and the Treasure’s financial report. 

Honors / Scholar Society

Committee Chair: Chris Bethel

The Honor Society is a membership opportunity for Dental Hygienists’ in Illinois to support a current Dental Hygiene Student through the Mary Denowh Scholarship and paid attendance to IDHA Annual Session.  


Legislative/Government Relations Committee

Committee Chair:   

The purpose of the Government Relations Committee is to protect and further the interests of the dental hygiene profession. It is important to have awareness of all legislation both nationally and statewide that affects the practice of dental hygiene. The Government Relations Committee is the link between the IDHA Lobbyist and the IDHA Board of Trustees. An important part of this Committee is the dedication of its members to study and research legislative needs for Hygienists’ in Illinois, facilitate legislative activism by Dental Hygienists’ in Illinois, investigate opportunities to attend events, write for publications, and attend and monitor the Illinois Board of Dentistry meetings. 


Committee Chair:  Monica Baldwin

Goal is to engage current members, recruit potential members, and educate students on the value of membership after graduation. This is done by organizing the membership committee to visit schools and speak about membership, attend Component meeting and discuss membership benefits, engage hygienists who have dropped their membership to rejoin or seek information on why they dropped their membership, and welcome those who have recently joined. 

Student Relations

Committee Chair: Dawn Piper

Student Relations is a subcategory of Membership. The Student Relations Committee members have a meeting at the Dental Hygiene Schools to discuss the benefits of membership and transition from student membership into full membership. Student members do participate in the IDHA meetings including Annual Session. They also assist with the student House of Delegates during Annual Session. 

Nominations Committee

Committee Chair:  Kym Dallstream

It is the duty of the Nominations Committee to present a slate (minimum of one individual) for each office of the Association that will be available at the next election, including ADHA delegates and alternate delegates. Duties include a call for nominations IDHA  Newsletter (emailed), review the nomination form, oversee the production of ballots, facilitate the Forum at the Annual Session. Names of individuals to be considered for office are presented to the IDHA Board of Trustees for consideration and endorsement. 

Continuing Professional Education Registrar

Registrar: Laura Baus

The Registrar is responsible for the processes of providing and maintaining continuing education including implementing the rules associated with the continuing education provided by IDHA. 

Public Relations/Digital Media Committee

Committee Chair: 

The PR Committee is responsible for ‘getting the word out’ through community projects professional programs and dental hygiene displays.

Members work to always promote an awareness of IDHA/ADHA as associations and assist in branding of the association as the official voice of dental hygiene issues in Illinois and the ADHA on a national level. Members are representatives at IDHA meetings, conventions, and venues as appointed by the President and/or IDHA Board. You may have seen many of the PR members at the IDHA booth during the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. 

This committee is also responsible for the image of IDHA to be accurately presented to anyone who may view the website. Also, update the website with relative information as necessary and make sure information is accurate and correct, monitor the website on a regular basis to make sure links are working and functioning properly, train one person from each Component on how to use the IDHA website google calendar to post CE events, place articles, photo’s, Hygiene Herald, and other information on the website. 

Event Planning/Sponsorship Committee

Committee Chair: Annalee Picotte

Our Annual Session just wouldn’t be the same without our Vendor Partners commitment to attend and financially sponsor the event. The Sponsorship Committee promotes, evaluates, and secures sponsorship for the IDHA Annual Session. This is done by contacting corporations, dental representatives to inform them of the dates and locations of IDHA Annual Session and determine if there is an interest in attending. A working list of contacts and companies is maintained for current and future reference. If you like to network this committee is for you. 

Institute for Oral Health ADHA Liaison

Liaisons: Kim Benkert

The mission of the ADHA Institute for Oral Health is to support the charitable, educational, research and scientific endeavors of the ADHA which will improve the public’s total health by increasing the awareness of and access to quality oral healthcare. She works to solicit donations, expand and reinforce name recognition of the Institute, and to recognize donors for their contributions.

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