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Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact Informative Session

Missed the info session? Watch the recording!

More information for Dental Licensure Compact available here:


UPDATE!!! The Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact now has NINE states!!

Colorado became the eighth state and Minnesota became the ninth to join the Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact, which supports license portability by allowing dental professionals to practice in participating states instead of obtaining individual licenses in each state. Keep the legislation rolling and join the movement! Learn more at ddhcompact.org

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March Legislative Updates on Licensure Compact  

As we near, the end of March, I wanted to update everyone on how IDHA is working for you. The legislative session has begun, and we have filed a bill with legislative sponsors for the licensure compact. In the senate, the bill is SB2982.  In the House of Representatives, the bill is HB4579. We all know how beneficial having licensure reciprocity would be for dental hygienists. Instead of jumping through hoops to receive a state license elsewhere, being part of the compact would facilitate the process. States currently in the compact

 include: Iowa, Wisconsin, Tennesse, Virginia, Washington State. Many other states are currently going through legislative sessions and the compact is moving through the process. For Illinois RDHs to be part of the licensure reciprocity, Illinois must be part of the compact. We are dealing with some legislative, state, and dental opposition, which could result in the house and senate bills dying. It is imperative for us to reach out to our legislators to advocate for this bill. Please reach out to your STATE Senator and Representative to show support for this bill. If you have had difficulty in getting your Illinois license, we would appreciate any written testimony from you to present to the subcommittee.

Currently, there is also a bill for dental therapist language to be added to the Illinois Dental Practice Act. This bill was NOT presented by IDHA or by ISDS. Many states are introducing a dental therapy bill this legislative year. We, as an Association, are NEUTRAL regarding this bill.  If you would like to show support for the dental therapist bill, when filling out a witness slip, please put SELF.




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Legislation and government regulations are affecting the scope and future of the practice of dental hygiene. Defend the investment you have made in the dental hygiene profession!

Watch our public service announcement regarding the Public Health Dental Hygienist!

Watch the following video regarding the dental assistant coronal scaling addition to the IL Dental Practice Act. Note that starting January 2023, Dental Assistants (DAs) must have a 32-hour Coronal Scaling certification to perform coronal scaling on children. DAs with a 16-hour scaling certificate were NOT "grandfathered in" and may NOT continue providing coronal scaling until they complete the requirements for the new certification.

President Lori McNamara's Message for 2024

Viva Learning Online Course: Implicit Bias

Sexual Harassment Prevention: The Illinois Requirement

Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Course

As requested from College of Lake County Dental Hygiene Program Regarding 2024 Accreditation

Important Legislative Updates

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